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11/02/2018  Published the 2nd call.
10/02/2018 Open registration!
February 20th 2019 Delivery of summaries for evaluation
March 1st 2019 Reply acceptance
March 30th 2019 Delivery of the complete work
June 23rd - 30th 2019 Symposium sessions
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11/29/2018  Added first call of SEADIM
02/25/2018  1st Lecture added
* The CUC (CUban Convertible) is the freely convertible currency in Cuba. Please, see the website of the National Bank of Cuba here.
*During the accreditation, students must present an official identification certifying them in these categories.
Parcipants Online Payment up to 05/23/2019 Online Payment after 05/24/2019
Delegates 238.00 euros 286.00 euros
Accompanying persons 95.00 euros 143.00 euros
Postgraduate Students* 190.00 euros 238.00 euros
Undergraduate Students* 114.00 euros 167.00 euros
Non-presential Participant 95.00 euros 190.00 euros
Commercial Exhibitor 143.00 euros 143.00 euros
SICF President
Zenaida Rodríguez Negrín, PhD
SIQ President
Neibys L. Casdelo Gutiérrez, PhD Dean. Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy (UCLV)
Executive Secretary
Leisy Nieto Reyes, PhD
For logistic arrangements Gaviota Tours Commercial Representative. UEB Gaviota Tours Ventas.
Ave. 47, No.2833, e/ 28 y 34, Reparto Kholy, Playa, La Habana, Cuba
The International Symposium of Chemistry is the largest gathering where Cuban experts in Chemistry and Pharmacy meet: a unique opportunity to make yourself known.

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Contact our Executive Secretary,
Leisy Nieto Reyes, PhD
Facultad de Química y Farmacia, Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas.
Carretera a Camajuaní Km.5 ½
Santa Clara, Villa Clara
CP. 54830
Executive Secretary
Associated exposition:
Within the framework of the Convention, an associated exhibition and several business rounds will be organized.
In this scenario, the participating institutions will be able to show  and promote scientific advances, projects, technologies, products, services, among other innovations in the sector. As a part of this, an exhibition of computer products and solutions will be organized.
Updated 02/25/2019
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